Was it Messianic Judaism?

To fully understand this belief system With its rich Jewish Roots, we must travel back in time at least two thousand years ago, to walk in the footsteps of the Messiah of Israel. More importantly, we have to sit at the feet of a rabbi and become his disciple. Students would sit at the rabbi’s feet, drink on their words and become covered by the ”dust of the rabbi.”

Jewish Perspective of Discipleship in the Mishnah:

MISHNAH 1: Moses received the Torah at Sinai and transmitted it to Joshua, Joshua to the Elders, and the Elders to the prophets, and the prophets to the men of the Great Assembly [or “Great Synagogue” – “The Rabbis”]. They used to say three things:Be patient in justice, produce many disciples and make a fence around the Torah.”

“Thy house shall be the meeting-place for the wise.” What does this mean? That the house should be for the use of scholars, disciples and their disciples [from Tosefta – Avot of Rabbi Nathan].

MISHNAH 4: “Let your house be a house of meeting for the sages [Torah scholars], cover yourself with the dust of their feet, and drink in their words with thirst” [from Yose ben Yo’ezer].

First we must define the term Messiah before we can understand this ancient movement, where disciples, or in Hebrew, “talmidim” תלמידים, would learn at their master’s feet. The Hebrew Word is “Mashiach” משיח and refers to the anointing of a prophet, priest and especially an “anointed king” in the land of Israel and among the Jewish Community. Anointing oil with aromatic spices were uniquely combined together for the holy consecration of the person who was destined to fulfill this special office. Our Messiah is anointed by the Spirit of Adonai to become “a prophet like unto Moses,” a heavenly high priest like Aaron, and a Davidic king to sit on Israel’s royal throne.

Although Yeshua was anointed to be the Messiah, He did not revel in royal regalia, but rather He arose as a wise teaching rabbi. His students followed Him faithfully as they experienced how He lived, how He prayed, how He responded to challenges and how He ministered to others. Everything about His life was duplicatable and a living example for His disciples to follow. They would study the Torah, glean from the Prophets, and search out the prophecies of who the Messiah would be.


We honor HaShem and value His people. As a Messianic Jewish Congregation, we allow our hearts to become inscribed with His Torah, as our lives become filled with His Spirit. Our congregation is a place where Jews and Gentiles are one in Messiah, as we worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who is the God of Israel and the King of the entire universe. We delight in His Shabbat as we rest in His Messiah. Come us on a journey through the revelation of the Torah, the prophetic insight of the Prophets, the inspiration of the Royal Writings, as you surrender your lives completely to your Heavenly Father. This empowers us to search diligently through the Apostolic Scriptures of the New Covenant, or Brit Chadashah, and discover His Anointed Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach. So let’s fulfill the goal of the Hebrew Scriptures, walk in the footsteps of our Messiah, and usher in the Messianic Kingdom to come! Shalom uv’recha, Peace & Blessing to you all, in His name. Amen!

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