Waiting Room


After Yeshua resurrected from the Dead, He appeared to His Disciples and Followers for FORTY GLORIOUS DAYS [Acts 1:1-8] during the first FORTY DAYS of Counting the Omer, of presenting the First Fruits of the Barley Harvest to HaShem, through the Priesthood [Cohanim] in the Temple [Beit HaMikdash]. This reveals Yeshua as the “First Fruits from the Dead”. Five Hundred other believers resurrected with Him to further fulfill this Feast, or Holy Season unto Adonai [LORD].

The Messiah picked His “Disciples by the Dozen”, and the Twelve became Apostles [minus Judas], after the Holy Spirit came upon them, as Yeshua prophesied! This happened on Shavuot [the Feast of Weeks], also known from the Greek as “Pentecost” [meaning 50 Days].

Imagine what the Disciples felt after their Messiah was seemingly dead, and what they probably thought was going to be their fatal ending too, as His followers. Rome would usually crucify the “Ring Leader”, or the rebel heading up the “revolt” against the Roman Empire. This is why Yeshua taught them to “take up their cross”, if they were going to follow Him. Concerning the “Twelve” [minus Judas], let’s consider their experiences these Ten Last Days as we countdown to Shavuot:


I.    The Inner Circle

       A.   Simon Peter

       B.   James the Great

       C.   John the Beloved

II.   The Supporting Circle

       A.   Andrew

       B.   Philip

       C.   Bartholomew / Nathanael

III.  The Surrounding Circle 

       A.   Matthew Levi

       B.   Judas the Zealot

       C.   Simon the Zealot

IV.  The Outer Circle

       A.   Thomas the Skeptic

       B.   James the Less

       C.   Judas Iscariot the Traitor