Forty Day Devotional

Let’s start A Fast from Negative Thoughts….Starting Today! 

Let’s Break Life-Long, Self-Defeating Habits! 


Day 1

“I Feel Like God is Mad at Me”

Today let’s begin a brand new journey that is sure to change your life. For the next 40 days, we are going on a FAST—not a fast from food; but a fast from wrong thinking. As we take thoughts captive, we are winning the battle of the mind. And when we conquer our mind and our mindsets, we simply cannot be conquered!

This represents the 40 days that Yeshua, after His Resurrection, apeared to Believers before He made “ALIYAH”, or ascended to Avinu [Our FATHER], in Heaven [Acts 1:1-3]! Then the disciples [talmidim] waited an extra 10 days [Acts 1:4-8], for the Feast of Weeks (Shavu’ot [Hebrew for 7 “weeks”: or translated from the Greek, “PENTECOST” [Greek for 50 Days] – Lev. 23:4-14, Numb. 28:16-31 & Deut. 16:5-12) in Acts 2:1-47 [Read Luke 24:1-53]. Let’s expect a MARVELOUS OUTPOURING of GOD’S SPIRIT this season!

Today we’re fasting from the thought that says, “I Feel Like God is Mad at Me.” This mentality sets us up for negative expectations, and expectation is the womb of manifestation. This is a GREAT WAY to do a spiritual inventory, and get rid of all the leaven [chametz] out of our lives! Let the “spring cleaning” begin!

Let’s change it today:

1. Your Image of God is EVERYTHING! The opinion we have of Him shapes our entire existence. In Deuteronomy 1:26, because the people murmuring BELIEVED GOD WAS AGAINST THEM, they fell in the wilderness. He WAS FOR THEM, as is for ISRAEL TODAY!; but they embraced a false image of Him [Exodus 32:1-4,24; 1 Cor. 10:1-13 “Golden Calf”].

2. Dismiss the idea of a temperamental God. Malachi 3:6–that’s why we aren’t consumed. He is not for you one day, and against you the next. His attitude toward you doesn’t change with your performance or mood.

3. HaShem is ALWAYS for you!—Romans 8:31—If God be for us, who can be against us!

4. It’s NOT about you. It’s about the Messiah’s Sacrifice. It was at Golgotha’s Hill that HaShem covenanted that, “I AM FOR YOU!” And this will never change! Mal. 3:6.

5. Don’t stop Believing! When you stop believing that Yeshua did it ALL!—you become prideful. And HaShem resists the proud—James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5.

6. See yourself IN MESSIAH –Acts 17:28. For HaShem to be against you, He would have to be against Yeshua, because you ARE HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. Rom. 5:17, 2 Cor. 5:17,21

Think It & Say It:

HaShem is ALWAYS FOR ME, not against me. I reject the idea that Elohim [God] keeps changing His mind about me. He declared He is for me, He loves me and forgave me in Messiah’s death; and that will never change. I am in the Messiah, and the Messiah is in Me!; I am His righteousness; and therefore His favor surrounds me like a shield [Psalm 5:12: like “Magen Avraham” & “Magen David” – a sheild for Abraham & David in Gen. 15:1 & 2 Sam. 22:3], in Yeshua’s Name! Amen!

Shalom in Messiah,

Rabbi Brian & Magali Bileci