Happy New Year! LaShanah Tovah!


We are now in a new calendar year, 2018. This breaks down to two millenniums with 18 exceeding years. What is the significance to these last 18 years? The number 18 can be alphanumerically written as two Hebrew letters, which is where the system of Roman numerals came from. The original Semitic System that Hebrew developed from, assigns a numerical value to every Hebrew letter, as well as a pictographical image and idea that embodies the essence of each letter. These Hebrew consonants become signposts of significance, that reveal the root meaning to every word in Scripture.

EIGHTEEN Hebraically it is numbered by the Hebrew letter Chet ח (#8: Number of NEW BEGINNINGS), and the 10th letter Yud י, (#10: DIVINE ORDER & INCREASE), The numbers together spell the Hebrew word “LIFE”, CHAI חַי. Pictographically Yud י is a Hand, and Chet ח is a Fence, or Enclosure, like a “SHEEPFOLD”, to protect the LIFE of the SHEEP. Our Messiah taught that a GOOD SHEPHERD leaves the 99 SAFE SHEEP, to FIND one that is LOST, and bring it back to the FOLD.

The Shepherd of our souls promises to give us LIFE, and that LIFE more ABUNDANTLY, in John 10:10. This year is a of NEW BEGINNINGS coupled with INCREASE, because we are operating within the divine FENCE of His divine ORDER. This will therefore become a year that God motivates us to EXCEED all limitations and expectations. This is a year of EXCEEDING ABUNDANCE & RESOURCES, to accomplish the Father’s plan in our sphere of influence. Don’t live by last years limits, or become stuck by previous pressures or spiritual struggles! Live a life that is EXCEEDING in ABUNDANCE, above all that you could personally ask or think.