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Come to the MJAA Southwest Yeshua 2015 Conference for unique Messianic teaching.


Rabbi Brian Bileci of Simchat Yeshua will be teaching an afternoon breakout session on:

“Who’s Got the Keys?” – Restoring the Keys of Kingdom of David: Matthew 16:15-19

Join us as we search for the lost and exiled “keys of the kingdom” of David, and restore the rightful Son of Promise, to the throne of his ancestral heritage. This exciting discovery will take you through the prophetic process of covenant kindness decreed to both Abraham, and his future descendant David. The amazing 42 generations from Abraham to Messiah described in the first chapter of Matthew, will become a secret code of restoration, comparable to the 42 locations of Israel’s wilderness wandering, before entering the Promise Land. We endeavored to walk step by step to reveal how Yeshua regained the lost Key of David after the effects of the exile, and how He was able to entrust the keys to His Palace and Treasury to Simon Peter, and the disciples that would follow. Our goal is to empower Messianic believers today, with the full-fledge rights of their royal priesthood and kingdom status, so that the Gospel of the Kingdom is restored, and the Father’s plan is fulfilled with kingdom authority.


Encounter three days of inspiring, insightful seminars and workshops with top Messianic rabbis and leaders. If you love Israel, or want to know about the Jewish roots of our faith, or desire a greater understanding of God’s prophetic Word among the Jewish people today, or you simply want to draw close to God…you will find it here!

Hear anointed featured speakers: MJAA leaders Rabbi David Chernoff (Philadelphia), Rabbi Larry Feldman(Irvine), TV Host Jonathan Bernis, and radio host, Dr. Michael Brown. On Friday, dig into an in-depth, all-day Yeshiva course with Messianic scholar, Dr. Michael Brown sponsored by the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS).

Enjoy the worship! Experience exuberant Davidic worship throughout the weekend with Messianic dance workshops, nightly congregational worship and concerts. Enter into worship with the powerful music of Paul Wilbur and the Messianic sounds of the Yeshua 2015 Worship Band. Sign-up for Friday’s all-day pre-conference Dance Symposium with experienced dance leaders.

Bring the kids! Make it a vacation! Your children will experience an outstanding Messianic program. Babysitting is available throughout the conference. Plus, the Young Messianic Jewish Alliance (YMJA) sponsors programs for Teens, Young Adults, and Messianic Singles.

And talk about fellowship! Experience the wider Messianic community and the visionary work God is building in these days before His return. Receive personal prayer and spiritual encouragement throughout the weekend.


Jew and Gentile…one in Messiah!

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