Commitment Covenant 3

The Bible is a “Book of Covenants”, and involves people, places, kings, kingdoms, priests, sacrifices marriages and ministries. Almost every area of life is affected by the concept of covenant. The “cutting of covenant” is the biblical practice used by all of our forefathers who understood that relationship with God required sacrifice, and covenant is established on commitment.

ketubah signing

Commit to each one and agree to:

1. Set Aside Time for Prayer & Conversation with HaShem
Commit to spending quality time with the L-rd everyday, and preferably starting early in the morning.

2. Read God’s Word Daily
Commit to consistent Bible reading time everyday. The TORAH CYCLE or One Year Bible has a good reading plan.

3. Have Personal Study Time
Commit to diligently studying the Bible, and weekly Devotional or Bible lessons.

4. Meditate on & Memorize Bible Verses
Commit to the meditation and memorization of selected Bible verses consistently.

5. Journal Your Journey
Commit to journaling your daily readings, prayer requests and personal experiences as you journey on your “Search for Significance”.

I commit to the dedication, and development of becoming a true disciple [“disciplined one”] of Yeshua the Messiah, and enter into this covenant with faithfulness and determination until its completion. I will immerse myself in the Word daily, study and apply its principles, and live a life that reflects my Lord and Master, and brings glory to my Heavenly Father. Amen.