Day 9 of the Waiting Room & Day 49 of the Omer

Day 9 of the Waiting Room & Day 49 of the Omer

The Messiah picked His “Disciples by the Dozen”, and the Twelve became Apostles [minus Judas], after the Holy Spirit came upon them, as Yeshua prophesied! This happened on Shavuot [the Feast of Weeks], also known from the Greek as “Pentecost” [meaning 50 Days].

Imagine what the Disciples felt after their Messiah was seemingly dead, and what they probably thought was going to be their fatal ending too, as His followers. Let’s look at the “Outer Circle”, since Day 1 of the “WAITING ROOM” we examined the “Inner Circle” of Simon Peter [Shim’on Kefa], James [Ya’akov] and John [Yochanan], and  Days 2-4, the “Supporting Circle”, with Andrew [Simon Peter’s brother],  Philip [Friend of Bartholomew];  and Nathanael Bartholomew [Natan’El, Bar-Talemei]. Days 5-7 completed the “Surrounding Circle”, with Matthew Levi [Matityahu, HaLevi – “the Levite”] the Tax Collector or Publican, Judas the Zealot [Yehudah HaKanani] also known Labbaeus or Thaddeus and finally yesterday we looked at Simon the Cananite [Shim’on HaKanani] or like Judas, ”Simon the Zealot”.

We will continue to look at the final concentric circle around Yeshua, as we further examine the “Outer Circle”:

The Outer Circle:

10.   Thomas [Tomas] – The Skeptic

11.   James the Less [Ya`akov HaKatan] – Son of Alphaeus

12.   Judas Iscariot [Yehudah Ish Kriyot – Judah a Man from Kriyot] – Betraying Accountant

Let’s “zone in” on James the Less [Ya`akov HaKatan] :

James the Less [Ya`akov HaKatan] – The only thing the Bible tells us about James, or Jacob [Ya`akov], the son of Alphaeus is his name! That’s it! It’s not known that he ever wrote anything, and nothing he ever said, asked, or did is recorded in the Bible. He is called “James, the less” in Mark 15:40. The Greek word used in this title for “the less” is mikros meaning “little.” This is “little James, or Jacob.” This title could mean that James was short of stature, or that he was younger than the other James, or that he was less influential, or all three. He is known for his obscurity!

He is also known for his family. Apparently his father was known among the first century Believers, so James is frequently referred to as “the son of Alphaeus“. It also seems that his mother was a close follower of Yeshua. She is mentioned as being at the scene of the crucifixion of the Lord, see Mark 15:40. This same verse mentions another brother of James, “Joses” who, it seems was also known among the believers. Thank God for families who love and serve Yeshua the Messiah together! The work of the Lord depends upon families. Many families are quiet and obscure, yet faithful to follow Yeshua. Obscurity does not mean unimportance! James may have been more in the background than most of the others, but he will sit upon a throne and share in ruling the tribes of Israel during the kingdom, see Matthew 19:28!

In the “upper room”, James [Jacob / Ya`akov ] would have been the quiet prayerful one, who would have been meditating on HaShem’s Promises, but not loud or boisterous like Peter who often “opened his mouth, to insert his foot!” He was probably shy but stable when felt a sense of security in a group of people who treat each other like a brothers, or a close-knit family. Many believers operate best in these circumstance, where they can be reasured of a positive outcome. The odd might seem against us, but HaShem’s prophecies are definitely for us! Amen!