Day 7 of the Waiting Room & Day 47 of the Omer


Day 7 of the Waiting Room & Day 47 of the Omer

The Messiah picked His “Disciples by the Dozen”, and the Twelve became Apostles [minus Judas], after the Holy Spirit came upon them, as Yeshua prophesied! This happened on Shavuot [the Feast of Weeks], also known from the Greek as “Pentecost” [meaning 50 Days].

Imagine what the Disciples felt after their Messiah was seemingly dead, and what they probably thought was going to be their fatal ending too, as His followers. Let’s look at the “Surrounding Circle”, since Day 1 of the “WAITING ROOM” we examined the “Inner Circle” of Simon Peter [Shim’on Kefa], James [Ya’akov] and John [Yochanan], and  Days 2-4, the “Supporting Circle”, with Andrew [Simon Peter’s brother],  Philip [Friend of Bartholomew];  and Nathanael Bartholomew [Natan’El, Bar-Talemei]. We will continue to look at the third concentric circle around Yeshua, and yesterday on Day 6, we examined Judas [Yehudah] the Zealot, also surnamed Labbaeus [“heart-child”] or Thaddeus [“breast-child”] .

The Surrounding Circle:

7.   Matthew [Matityahu] or Levi [HaLevi – “The Levite”] – Tax Collector; Publican

8.   Judas [Yehudah] the Zealot – Labbaeus or Thaddeus

9.   Simon [Shim’on] the Cananite [Kanani “zealous one”] – Simeon the Zealot

Today let’s focus on Simon [sames as Simeon-from Hebrew, Shim`on meaning  “hearing’]:

Simon the Cananite  [Shim`on HaKanani] – Simon is the same name a on of the tribes of Israel, known as Simeon. In Hebrew both forms of the name come from the Hebrew name “Shim`on”, from the root Shem-Mem-Ayin, like in Shema שְׁמַע, found in Deut. 6:4, “Hear, O Israel…” While Matthew worked for the Roman government prior to his salvation, Simon Zelotes worked against Rome. In Matthew 10:4 he is called “the Cananite” from the Hebrew root kanah, meaning to be jealous or zealous; and in Luke 6:15, “Zelotes”, which is Greek or jealous or zealous. Both words, the first having a Hebrew root and the second a Greek, mean “one who is jealous or zealous for a cause.”

In Yeshua’s day, there was a political party known as “the Zealots.” These men were committed to the overthrow of the Roman government by means of force if necessary. Their fiery patriotism led them into terrorist activities – burning Roman property and killing Roman soldiers. In fact, the Zealots hatred of the Romans was so deep that they were known to kill themselves before they would let the Romans take their lives. It is believed that Simon, prior to following Yeshua, was a Zealot, hence the name, “Zelotes”. This Simon, then, would have been a man of zeal and passion, a man of idealism and devotion to a cause, a man who was willing to die for what he believed. Somehow (the details are not recorded for us) this man came to believe in Yeshua. The futility of overthrowing the Roman government was replaced with the meaningfulness of following Yeshua.

In the “upper room” living quarters, Simon “the Zealot” [Shim`on HaKanani] would have bee the extra eager one to go to the Temple daily, without fear, and face the nay-sayers, or those who would accuse them for foolishly following Yeshua, the “would-be Messiah”. His zeal would have caused him to be willing to fight for the cause of over throwing Roman Rule, and Temple guards, that had been influenced by a corrupt political or religious system. His experience with the Holy Spirit’s in filling power, would have tempered him to use self-control. Don’t forget “Meekness is not Weakness”, but “Self-Control is harnassed Strength. Let’s be zealous for HaShem, but also remember, what the prophet Zechariah [Zechar’yah – “Yah has remebered”], said “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of Hosts [Adonai Tz’vaot – “Lord of Armies”], and the prophet Isaiah [Yesha’yahu – “Salvation is from Yah”] said, that “the zeal of the LORD shall perform it [HaShem’s Plan]. Amen!