Day 2 of the Waiting Room & Day 42 of the Omer

Day 2 of the Waiting Room & Day 42 of the Omer

The Messiah picked His “Disciples by the Dozen”, and the Twelve became Apostles [minus Judas], after the Holy Spirit came upon them, as Yeshua prophesied! This happened on Shavuot [the Feast of Weeks], also known from the Greek as “Pentecost” [meaning 50 Days].

Imagine what the Disciples felt after their Messiah was seemingly dead, and what they probably thought was going to be their fatal ending too, as His followers. Let’s look at the “Supporting Circle”, since yesterday we examined the “Inner Circle” of Simon Peter [Shim’on Kefa], James [Ya’akov] and John [Yochanan].

The Supporting Circle:

4.   Andrew [Andreas in Greek; from aner – “man”] – Brother of Simon Peter; Fisherman

5.   Philip [Phillipos – “Lover of Horses”] – Friend of Bartholomew; Fisherman

6.   Bartholomew [Nathanael – Natan-El “Gift of God”] – Fisherman

Today Let’s “zone in” on Andrew: He was “Simon Peter’s younger brother”. In fact, of the 12 references to Andrew in scripture, six times he is referred to as Peter’s brother (Mt. 4:18; 10:2; Mark 1:16; Luke 6:14; John 1:40; 6:8) and only once is he mentioned without any connection to Peter. Andrew was one of those people whose influence is obscured because he lived in the shadow of his brother. He was a native of Bethsaida, a little village in Galilee. Like his brother, Andrew was a fisherman. In fact, in Matthew 4:18-20, we learn that he was down at the sea fishing with Peter when Yeshua came to them and called them to be “fishers of men.

Andrew isn’t mentioned in any detail at all in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, or Luke, but in the gospel of John, Andrew emerges from the background. We learn from John that before becoming a disciple of Messiah, Andrew had been a disciple of John the Baptist. It was John the Baptist [Yochanan, “The Immerser”] who introduced Andrew to Messiah with the words “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world(see John 1:35-40). After spending one day with Yeshua, Andrew understood that Yeshua was the Messiah.

The ministry of Simon Peter was a result of the concern of Andrew. Andrew was never famous; he was always overshadowed by his brother. He probably couldn’t “preach” like Peter, but he led the “preacher”, Peter, to the Lord! Peter may have had the electric personality, but Andrew was the magnet. Andrew is characterized by his concern, telling his brother about Yeshua, his sensitivity, taking time to meet a boy in a huge crowd, his faith, believing that the Messiah could take a little and do a lot with it, by his openness, willing to overcome the common prejudices of his day and of his people and introduce Gentiles [Goyim] to Yeshua, and by his humility, willing to live his life in the shadow of his dynamic brother, willing to play second fiddle.

Andrew as a “supporter” of Simon his brother, and especially Yeshua, his Rabbi & Messiah, probably waited patiently for HaShem to fulfill His Promise of empowerment, by the Holy Spirit [Ruach HaKodesh]. The “upper room” dwelling quarters became a constant place of prayer, communion, and “brotherly love” amongst his “brethren“, and fellow disciples, every morning before daily walking to the Temple for the Counting of the Omer of the Barley Harvest. He probably continued to remind his brother Simon of the teachings and prophecies that Yeshua instilled within them, would not fail, but be fulfilled just like Messiah said.