Day 1 of the Waiting Room & Day 41 of the Omer 1

Day 1 of the Waiting Room & Day 41 of the Omer

After Yeshua resurrected from the Dead, He appeared to His Disciples and Followers for FORTY GLORIOUS DAYS [Acts 1:1-8] during the first FORTY DAYS of Counting the Omer, of presenting the First Fruits of the Barley Harvest to HaShem, through the Priesthood [Cohanim] in the Temple [Beit HaMikdash]. This reveals Yeshua as the “First Fruits from the Dead”. Five Hundred other believers resurrected with Him to further fulfill this Feast, or Holy Season unto Adonai [LORD].

The Messiah picked His “Disciples by the Dozen”, and the Twelve became Apostles [minus Judas], after the Holy Spirit came upon them, as Yeshua prophesied! This happened on Shavuot [the Feast of Weeks], also known from the Greek as “Pentecost” [meaning 50 Days].

Imagine what the Disciples felt after their Messiah was seemingly dead, and what they probably thought was going to be their fatal ending too, as His followers. Rome would usually crucify the “Ring Leader”, or the rebel heading up the “revolt” against the Roman Empire. This is why Yeshua taught them to “take up their cross”, if they were going to follow Him. Out of the “Twelve”, let’s consider His “Inner Circle, as we imagine the “WAITING ROOM” of expectation for the Holy Spirit’s Outpouring this Shavuot!:

The Inner Circle:

1.   Simon Peter [Shim`on Kefa] – Leader of Pack; Brother of Andrew

2.   James [Ya`akov] – Older Brother of John

3.   John [Yochanan] – Younger Brother of James

Peter was the most outgoing of all the disciples. His birth-name was Simon (or Simeon in Hebrew meaning: hear or listen). He possibly needed to learn to listen more (to parents, elders, good advice of others), especially before he spoke. He would usually speak before thinking. Yeshua changed his name to Peter (Greek: rock or little stone) and/or Cephas (or Kefa in Aramaic for rock or stone). Jesus was going to develop Simon Peter into a stable disciple and leader. His occupation as a fisherman, with his brother Andrew, was going to be used to greatly to be a “fisher of men”.

James and John as brothers (sons of Zebedee) were called the “Sons of Thunder”. They were probably both young, zealous & energetic, and looked up to their friend Simon Peter for being bold enough to say whatever felt. The three of them made an interesting trio.

Yeshua enjoyed having these three disciples around him all the time because they were eager to go with him without question. They had nothing to lose. Why not follow Jesus, their Rabbi?

He was a natural born leader. He was going places. He was teaching and doing things that others were reluctant to do.

If there ever was a train to jump on and ride, this was the one?

For Peter there was going to be newly gained respect from his friends and fellow peers. Popularity came easy for him, and attention was something that he was used to receiving.

But respect is what he wanted. As Simon, he wanted people to listen to him, like his two younger friends James & John.

James and John, on the other hand, were looking for success and position, which was something that the fishing was not giving them. They hoped that if they hung with Peter who was now following Jesus, maybe they would get somewhere. For they were previous followers of John the Baptist, but that train was coming to a stop shortly.

John, separate from his brother James, was young, impressionable, and eager to follow this great master teacher, and rabbi. John was the “Beloved”, that rested on the bosom of Yeshua, his mentor. This is the common respect and adoration, that was given to rabbis by their students [disciples – talmidim in Hebrew] of first century Judaism. John became the disciple, and later the apostle that understood the true Messiahship and Divine Essence of who Yeshua really was. The intimate relationship that he developed with his Lord, gave him the ability to write his eye-witness account of the Gospel of Jesus, three encouraging epistles, or letters to the Body of Believers, and a final revelation of Yeshua prophetic fulfillment and establishment of the Davidic Kingdom on earth in the book of Revelation. His youth did not impede his maturity in spirit, and passionate zeal to God, and His people.

Even the tops disciples had the potential to “crack” under pressure. Simon Peter denied Yeshua, even though he cut off an ear, to zealously show his devtion and loyalty to the Messiah. If these disciples has “issues” that needed “sifting”, like the “fine flour” of the Grain Offering at the Temple during this season, how much more should we allow the Holy Spirit to examine or lives as we WAIT in the “WAITING ROOM”.