“Clouds of Glory” as Israel’s Chuppah

The clouds of glory resembled a “chuppah”, or wedding canopy, as Israel said “I DO!” , or “WE DO!” to the marriage covenant of the Torah! The LORD became a husband to His Bride that day. The memorial of this day when God gave Israel the Torah, is SHAVUOT, the “Feast of Weeks” [7 weeks or 50 days from the Day of First fruits of Passover, or Unleavened Bread]. The Septuagint [Greek Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures] called this day “Pentecosta”, or in English PENTECOST. This is why the Acts chapter two phenomenon has a similar description to Exodus 19-20, and the revelation at Mount Sinai.

Deuteronomy 1:5 records Moses’ last words, in the last 7 weeks of his life, as he endeavors to expound, or explain the Torah, to the “Joshua Generation” that will enter the Promised Land, after Moses dies. The rabbis teach that Moses translated the Torah into the 70 languages, of the 70 nations of Genesis chpt. 10, which is also why he picked 70 elders to help him teach the Torah to the nations [Goyim: Gentiles]. This believed ability, was purposed by the LORD when He allowed Moses to be linguistically trained and educated in the royal courts of Pharaoh, in Egypt. It was his DESTINY!

As disciples of Yeshua, we should have the same passion as Moses, and disciple nations with this Messianic Truth, that Yeshua is the Promised Messiah of Israel, and Redeemer of the Nations of the world.

Here are three levels of Commitment:

1. Dating/Courting – New babes and followers look for pleasure, satisfaction and care
2. Engagement – Developing Disciples commit to covenant agreement
3. Marriage – Dedicated Commitment and Covenant Covering to Loving Leadership